9 of the Worlds Deadliest Mammals

Humans can be harmful through violence or disease, so it's crucial for us to promote peace and prevent illnesses.

1. Humans (Homo sapiens)

Elephants are usually peaceful but can be dangerous if they feel threatened, especially in the wild.

2. Elephants (Family Elephantidae)

Deer are plant-eaters and generally not dangerous to people.

3. Deer (Order Artiodactyla)

Horses are domesticated and usually safe, but accidents can happen if they're not handled properly.

4. Horses (Equus caballus)

Tigers are powerful predators and can be dangerous to humans, though attacks are rare.

5. Tigers (Panthera tigris)

Hippos, despite being herbivores, can be aggressive and cause harm, leading to more human deaths in Africa.

6. Hippopotamuses

Bears usually avoid humans, but encounters can be risky, especially with certain types like grizzlies or polar bears.

7. Bears

Lions are apex predators and might pose a threat in certain situations, but attacks on humans are uncommon.

8. Lions (Panthera leo)

Domestic dogs are generally not considered deadly, but incidents can happen, often due to poor training or mistreatment.

9. Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris)