Worlds 5 Strongest Telescopes

By Manish Choudhary

1. James Webb

New king of the cosmos, sees super far back in time and through dusty clouds. 

2. Hubble 

OG space explorer, still takes amazing pictures of galaxies and planets. 

3. Keck Twins 

Two giant eyes in Hawaii, see super clearly with special tech. 

4. Future Champ 

ELT under construction, will be the biggest optical telescope ever! 

5. ALMA Array 

Not one scope, but lots of dishes working together to see through dust and cold stuff. 

6. Chandra X-ray Observatory

the Chandra X-ray Observatory is crucial for observing the universe in X-ray wavelengths. 

These space-peering powerhouses help us learn more about the universe, like how stars and planets are born and what happened way back in the beginning.