Top 10 Least Intelligent Animals

By Manish Choudhary

1. Jellyfish

Jellyfish lack a brain and complex nervous system, relying on basic instincts for survival.

2. Sea Sponge 

Sea sponges are simple organisms without a brain or specialized organs, engaging in basic functions.

3. Starfish 

Starfish have a decentralized nervous system, limiting their cognitive abilities to basic responses.

4. Sea Cucumber

With a simple nervous system, sea cucumbers exhibit basic behaviors for survival.

5. Slugs 

Slugs possess a simple nervous system, relying on instincts and basic sensory responses.

6. Oysters 

Oysters lack a developed nervous system, engaging in reflexive responses to stimuli.

7. Lobsters 

Lobsters have a decentralized nervous system, exhibiting behaviors driven by instincts.

8. Corals 

Corals, being colonial organisms, lack a centralized nervous system, relying on basic instincts.

9. Turkeys 

Turkeys, as domesticated birds, generally display basic behaviors with limited problem-solving skills.

10. Chickens 

Chickens exhibit simple behaviors and lack advanced problem-solving abilities. Their cognition is considered basic.