Top 10 Animals with the Strongest Bites

By Manish Choudhary

1. Nile crocodile (5,000 psi)

Tops the list with the strongest bite, crushing turtles, bones, and even small boats. 

2. Saltwater crocodile (3,700 psi)

Close second, found in coastal areas, known for aggressive hunting behavior. 

3. American alligator (2,125 psi) 

Powerful ambush predators, using sharp teeth and strong jaws to capture fish, turtles, and small mammals. 

4. Hippopotamus (1,800 psi)

Despite being herbivores, hippos have a strong bite for tearing tough vegetation and self-defense. 

5. Jaguar (1,500 psi) 

Dominant predator in the Americas, capable of taking down larger prey like tapirs and caimans. 

6. Gorilla (1,300 psi) 

Gentle in nature, gorillas have a strong bite for cracking nuts and chewing tough vegetation. 

7. Polar bear (1,200 psi) 

Apex predator in the Arctic, using a strong bite to hunt seals, walruses, and beluga whales. 

8. Grizzly bear (900 to 1,200 psi)

Powerful predators with a bite force used for cracking bones, digging, and self-defense. 

9. Hyena (1,100 psi)

Despite their size, hyenas have a strong bite used for crushing bones and scavenging. 

10. Bull shark (1,350 psi) 

Aggressive shark known for attacks on humans, with a powerful bite force.