Top 10 American Animals and Wildlife

By Manish Choudhary

1. Bald Eagle 

The USA's national bird, known for its white head and powerful flying. 

2. Bison 

Large herbivores that used to roam in big groups and are now saved from extinction. 

3. Grizzly Bear 

Strong predators in western mountains, smart but keep your distance. 

4. Manatee 

Big, gentle sea creatures in Florida and the Caribbean, but they're in danger. 

5. Moose 

Huge deer with big antlers found in northern forests and mountains. 

6. Pronghorn Antelope 

Fastest land animals in North America, adapted to open plains. 

7. American Alligator 

Top predators in southern swamps, important for the ecosystem. 

8. Wild Turkey 

Birds that almost disappeared but now are common in many places. 

9. Northern Cardinal 

Beautiful red songbirds with lovely melodies found in backyards and forests. 

10. California Condor 

Large birds with wide wingspans, almost extinct but recovering.