Top 7 Laziest Animals in the World

By Manish Choudhary

1. Sloth

Sleeps up to 20 hours a day in trees, thanks to a slow metabolism. 

2. Koala 

Snoozes for 18-22 hours daily, fueled by a low-nutrient diet. 

3. Giant Panda 

Naps for 12 hours due to the energy-intensive bamboo diet. 

4. Hippopotamus 

Spends 16-20 hours a day in water, rising only to breathe or graze. 

5. Opossum 

Sleeps 18-20 hours daily, with its "playing dead" act possibly being a sleep-related trance. 

6. Lemur 

Some species sleep up to 16 hours, especially in cold weather or when food is scarce. 

7. Python 

Spends days waiting for prey, relying on patience rather than active hunting.