Top 10 produce crops in the US

Corn is a staple crop in the U.S. used for various purposes, including livestock feed, ethanol production, and food products.

1. Corn (Maize)

Soybeans are a major source of protein and oil. They are widely used in livestock feed, as well as in the production of soybean oil for cooking and other industrial purposes.

2. Soybeans

Hay, primarily used as livestock feed, is a crucial crop for the U.S. agriculture industry.

3. Hay

Wheat is a key cereal grain and a major ingredient in various food products, such as bread, pasta, and breakfast cereals.

4. Wheat

The U.S. is a significant producer of almonds, which are widely consumed as a nutritious snack and used in various culinary applications.

5. Almonds

Grapes are grown for fresh consumption and for the production of wine. California is a major grape-producing state.

6. Grapes

Apples are a popular fruit in the U.S., consumed both fresh and processed into products like applesauce and cider.

7. Apples

Cotton is a major cash crop in the U.S., and it is primarily used in the textile industry.

8. Cotton

Oranges are a major citrus fruit crop, with Florida being a significant producer of oranges and orange juice.

9. Oranges

Tomatoes are grown for fresh consumption, as well as for processing into products like ketchup, sauces, and canned tomatoes.

10. Tomatoes

The top 10 produce crops in the U.S. are crucial for food, industry, and agriculture. From corn and soybeans to almonds and cotton, each crop serves diverse purposes. Ongoing monitoring through sources like the USDA is essential for staying updated on agricultural trends. The U.S. agricultural sector's resilience plays a vital role in the nation's economy and food security.