Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

By Manish Choudhary

1. Rose 

People love roses for their soft petals, sweet smell, and many colors. 

2. Tulip 

Tulips come in lots of colors and shapes. They show that spring is here. 

3. Orchid 

Orchids are found all over the world. Their flowers look like amazing creatures. 

4. Lily 

Lilies have pretty trumpet-shaped flowers. They smell nice and come in many colors. 

5. Sunflower 

Sunflowers have big yellow faces that make people happy. They bring good luck. 

6. Cherry Blossom 

Cherry blossoms bloom in spring for a short time. They look pink and white and are loved worldwide. 

7. Lavender 

Lavender smells good and has purple flowers. People use it for relaxing and sleeping better. 

8. Dahlia 

Dahlias have big, colorful blooms. They're great for gardens and flower arrangements. 

9. Hydrangea 

Hydrangeas have big bunches of flowers in different colors. They're pretty in gardens and bouquets. 

10. Lotus 

Lotuses grow in muddy water but have pure, beautiful flowers. They mean enlightenment and growth.