Top 10 Flying Animals

By Manish Choudhary

1. Bald Eagle 

Strong bird, symbol of freedom, catches fish mid-air. 

2. Hummingbird 

Tiny, hovers, pollinates flowers. 

3. Peregrine Falcon 

Fastest animal, dives at 200+ mph. 

4. Albatross 

Huge wingspan, glides effortlessly over oceans. 

5. Owl 

Silent flight, hunts at night. 

6. Bat 

Only flying mammals, use echolocation. 

7. Butterfly 

Delicate, colorful, pollinates flowers. 

8. Bee 

Important pollinator, strong flier. 

9. Snake 

Some glide with flattened ribs. 

10. Flying Squirrel 

Nocturnal glider with furry membrane.