Top 10 Dangerous Spiders in the World

By Manish Choudhary

1. Sydney Funnel-web Spider 

Deadly in Australia, aggressive with strong venom.

2. Brazilian Wandering Spider 

South America, aggressive, venom can be fatal.

3. Black Widow Spider 

Worldwide, neurotoxic venom causes pain, nausea. 

4. Brown Recluse Spider 

Southern U.S., shy, venom causes tissue death. 

5. Six-eyed Sand Spider  

Southern Africa, venom causes tissue damage. 

6. Redback Spider 

Australia, neurotoxic venom, seek medical attention. 

7. Mouse Spider

Australia, aggressive, neurotoxic venom, very dangerous. 

8. Yellow Sac Spider  

Worldwide, aggressive, bites cause welts. 

9. Wolf Spider 

Worldwide, generally not dangerous, some species may cause pain.

10. Tarantula 

South America, bites can be painful, watch for irritation.