Top 10 Chinese Animals

By Manish Choudhary

Nov 25, 2023

The giant panda is a symbol of China, known for its black-and-white fur. It's a national treasure, representing conservation and loved globally.

1. Giant Panda – China’s National Treasure

These monkeys are found in China's mountains, known for their golden fur and unique upturned nose. They live in high-altitude forests and form complex social groups.

2. Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

Tibetan macaques, native to southwestern China, are social primates living in large groups. They're recognized for their distinct appearance, featuring a long tail and unique facial features.

3. Tibetan Macaques

The Chinese sturgeon, located in the Yangtze River, is often called a "living fossil" for its ancient lineage. It's critically endangered and holds cultural importance in China.

4. Chinese Sturgeon – The Living Fossil

The South China tiger, once found across China, is now among the world's most endangered big cat species. Conservation efforts are actively working to prevent its extinction.

5. South China Tiger

The red panda, despite its name, isn't related to the giant panda. It's a small, tree-dwelling mammal with reddish-brown fur, found in southwestern China's mountains.

6. Red Panda

The Asiatic black bear, or moon bear in China, has a V-shaped white chest mark, symbolizing power. Threatened by habitat loss and hunting.

7. Asiatic Black Bear – A Symbol of Power and Vulnerability

The Sichuan takin, a large herbivorous mammal from the eastern Himalayas and western China, has a stocky build and a distinctive appearance with a large, arched nose.

8. Sichuan Takin

The Chinese giant salamander, a massive amphibian in China's streams, is critically endangered due to threats like habitat destruction and over-exploitation.

9. Chinese Giant Salamander

Asian elephants, present in various countries, are also native to parts of southwestern China. As a cultural symbol, these majestic animals inhabit diverse environments like forests and grasslands.

10. Asian Elephant

China boasts a diverse wildlife, and our top 10 list features unique and captivating animals. From the iconic Giant Panda to the majestic South China Tiger, these creatures symbolize China's rich natural heritage.