Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Travel

By Manish Choudhary

1. Vietnam:

Offers affordable accommodation, food, and transportation. 

2. India:

Known for its low-cost street food and budget accommodations. 

3. Cambodia:

Affordable destination with a rich cultural experience. 

4. Nepal:

Offers budget trekking and stunning mountain views. 

5. Mexico: 

Has a variety of affordable street food and inexpensive hostels. 

6. Indonesia:

Features affordable beach destinations and local markets. 

7. Bolivia:

Offers inexpensive travel experiences, including the famous Salt Flats. 

8. Ukraine:

Known for its affordable cities and historical sites. 

9. Guatemala:

Offers affordable travel with beautiful landscapes. 

10. Philippines

Boasts stunning beaches and budget-friendly options for travelers.