Top 10 Animals with the Strongest Bites

By Manish Choudhary

1. Nile crocodile (5,000 psi) 

Has the strongest bite, can crush skulls and bones. 

2. Saltwater crocodile (3,700 psi) 

Close second, known for attacking humans. 

3. American alligator (2,125 psi)

Powerful bite for an ambush predator. 

4. Hippopotamus (1,800 psi)

Surprisingly strong bite despite being herbivores. 

5. Jaguar (1,500 psi) 

Strongest big cat bite, can take down large prey. 

6. Gorilla (1,300 psi) 

Peaceful herbivores with strong bites for nuts and vegetation. 

7. Polar bear (1,200 psi)

Apex predator in the Arctic, bites to catch seals and walruses. 

8. Grizzly bear (900 to 1,200 psi) 

Powerful predator, uses strong bite to tear prey apart. 

9. Hyena (1,100 psi) 

Strong bite for crushing bones and scavenging. 

10. Bull shark (1,350 psi) 

Aggressive shark species with a strong bite for hunting prey.