Top 10 Animals in the World 

By Manish Choudhary

1. Blue Whale 

Earth's biggest animal, can grow up to 100 feet long and weigh 200 tons. 

2. Elephant 

Largest land animal, known for intelligence and social behavior. 

3. Dolphin 

Smart marine mammals, famous for playfulness and communication skills. 

4. Orangutan 

Intelligent great apes from Asia, closely related to humans. 

5. Cheetah 

Fastest land animal, reaching speeds of 75 mph. 

6. Peregrine Falcon 

Fastest bird, diving at over 240 mph. 

7. Mantis Shrimp 

Unique sea creature with amazing vision and a powerful punch. 

8. Chameleon 

Changes color for communication and camouflage. 

9. Honey Bee 

Essential pollinators vital for plant reproduction and agriculture. 

10. Snow Leopard 

Elusive big cat adapted to mountainous regions, facing endangerment.