10 of the World's Smartest Pets

By Manish Choudhary

1. Border Collie 

Smart and great at learning tricks. 

2. Poodle 

Very clever and can be trained easily. 

3. German Shepherd 

Smart and loyal; often work with police. 

4. African Grey Parrot 

Can copy human speech and understand emotions. 

5. Border Terrier 

Small but smart; good at learning and playing. 

6. Bengal Cat 

Clever and likes to explore; can be taught tricks. 

7. Papillon 

Small, smart, and quick to learn. 

8. Rat 

Surprisingly smart; can learn tricks and solve puzzles.

9. Octopus 

Intelligent sea creature; can solve problems and do tricks. 

10. Horse 

Smart animals; can be trained for riding and sports.