10 of the Worlds Most Poisonous Plants

By Manish Choudhary

1. Castor Bean Plant  

Seeds contain ricin, a deadly toxin. Even a small amount can be fatal.

2. Belladonna 

Has tropane alkaloids causing hallucinations and, if ingested, can be deadly.

3. Oleander 

All parts are highly toxic with cardiac glycosides, leading to heart issues and potential fatality.

4. Strychnine Tree 

Seeds contain strychnine, causing muscle spasms and respiratory failure.

5. Foxglove 

Contains cardiac glycosides, leading to irregular heartbeats and potential heart failure.

6. Hemlock 

Contains coniine, a neurotoxin causing respiratory failure.

7. Angel's Trumpet 

All parts contain tropane alkaloids, causing hallucinations and potential fatality.

8. Manchineel Tree

Sap is highly toxic, causing severe skin irritation and blindness if it contacts the eyes.

9. Jimsonweed 

Contains tropane alkaloids causing hallucinations and respiratory failure.

10. Aconite  

Contains alkaloids affecting the nervous system, leading to vomiting, diarrhea, and potential heart issues.