8 of the World's Biggest Dinosaurs

By Manish Choudhary

Nov 20, 2023

One of the largest titanosaurs, estimated to be around 70-100 feet in length. 

1. Argentinosaurus

Estimated to be around 85 feet long, with a weight of about 65 tons. 

2. Dreadnoughtus

Believed to be one of the heaviest titanosaurs, with an estimated weight of around 70 tons. 

3. Patagotitan

This titanosaur lived in what is now Egypt and measured around 85 feet in length. 

4. Paralititan

Fossils suggest a length of approximately 82-92 feet for this giant titanosaur. 

5. Notocolossus

While not exclusively a titanosaur, Diplodocus was a large, long-necked dinosaur, reaching lengths of around 85 feet. 

6. Diplodocus

Estimated to be one of the longest titanosaurs, with a length of around 100 feet. 

7. Puertasaurus

Believed to be one of the largest titanosaurs, with an estimated length of around 85 feet. 

8. Futalognkosaurus

These massive dinosaurs thrived during the Late Cretaceous period and played a crucial role in the ecosystem as dominant herbivores. The study of titanosaurs and other dinosaurs helps scientists understand the Earth's ancient ecosystems and the incredible diversity of life that existed millions of years ago.