8 of the Tallest Trees in the World

By Manish Choudhary

1. Hyperion 

Tallest tree, 380.1 feet (116 meters). Lives in Redwood National Park, but we keep its spot secret to protect it. 

2. Helios 

Second-tallest at 377 feet (114.7 meters). Also in Redwood National Park, and its location is a secret too. 

3. Icarus 

Third-tallest, 371 feet (113.1 meters). In Redwood National Park, and we keep its location a secret too. 

4. Menara 

Tallest in Asia, 331 feet (101 meters). Lives in Borneo's rainforests, showing how cool Asian trees can be. 

5. Centurion 

Tallest eucalyptus tree at 327.5 feet (100 meters). Lives in Tasmania, Australia, adding to the beauty of the forests. 

6. Doerner Fir 

Tallest living Douglas Fir at 327 feet (100 meters). Lives in Oregon's Umpqua National Forest. 

7. Raven's Tower 

Stands at 317 feet (97 meters) in Redwood National Park. Its exact spot is a secret. 

8. Unnamed Giant Sequoia 

Height of 314 feet (96 meters). Lives in Redwood National Park, even though we don't know its name, it's still important.