5 of the Largest Insects in the World

Discover the world's largest bugs, from the longest to the heaviest! Put away the bug spray and swatter, and let's bee (ahem) amazed.

As the name suggests, this species is yet to be officially described, but it is known for its large size.

1. Phryganistria 'chinensis' – Undescribed species

Chan's megastick is a massive stick insect species, and it ranks second in terms of size among the largest insects.

2. Phobaeticus chani – Chan's megastick

This stick insect is appropriately named "Gargantuan" due to its considerable size, and it secures the third spot on the list.

3. Ctenomorpha gargantua – Gargantuan stick insect

This stick insect is native to the Malay Peninsula and is recognized for its large size, earning it the fourth position among the largest insects.

4. Phobaeticus serratipes – Giant Malayan stick insect

The Phobaeticus kirbyi, commonly known as the stick insect, is also among the largest insects in the world and holds the fifth position on the list.

5. Phobaeticus kirbyi – Stick insect

These giant stick insects are remarkable not only for their size but also for their unique appearances and behaviors. Stick insects, in general, are known for their excellent camouflage, resembling twigs or leaves in their natural habitats.