The 10 Most Dangerous Foods in the World

By Manish Choudhary

1. Pufferfish

Japanese dish, needs expert prep to avoid a deadly toxin. 

2. Sannakji 

Korean dish, live octopus can be a choking risk. 

3. Ackee Fruit 

Jamaican fruit - toxic if not fully ripe, so be careful. 

4. Casu Marzu 

Sardinian cheese with live maggots, may cause infections. 

5. Blood Clams 

Filter feeders - cook them well to avoid viruses. 

6. Elderberries 

Safe ripe, but stems and unripe berries have cyanide. 

7. Mushrooms 

Some are poisonous - only eat from trusted sources. 

8. Cassava 

Root veggie - has cyanide, peel and cook thoroughly. 

9. Honey 

Certain types may cause nausea - check the source. 

10. Puffin Pears 

Aussie fruits with toxins - avoid unripe ones.