Top 10 Strongest Animals in the World

By Manish Choudhary

1. Dung Beetle 

Can pull objects over 1,000 times their body weight. 

2. Elephant 

Known for their immense strength, particularly in tasks like carrying heavy logs or uprooting trees. 

3. Gorilla 

While they may not "lift" weights, their powerful muscles make them incredibly strong. 

4. Tiger 

Known for their strong jaws and the ability to take down prey larger than themselves.

5. Ant 

Can carry objects many times their own body weight. 

6. Grizzly Bear 

Can carry objects many times their own body weight. 

7. Musk Ox 

Exhibits impressive strength during confrontations with predators, using their powerful build for defense. 

8. Rhinoceros 

Known for their charge, displaying considerable power and force. 

9. Polar Bear 

Demonstrates strength in swimming, hunting, and moving heavy objects. 

10. Harpy Eagle 

Has powerful talons and can lift prey that is relatively heavy compared to its body size.