How to Sharpen Garden Shears in 4 Simple Steps

By Manish Choudhary

1. Clean the Shears

Start the process by thoroughly cleaning the garden shears. Remove any accumulated dirt, sap, or other debris by using a wire brush or washing them with soapy water. This ensures a clean surface for sharpening and prevents any interference during the process. 

2. Disassemble if Possible 

If your garden shears are designed to be disassembled, take advantage of this feature. Disassemble the shears to gain better access to the blades. This facilitates a more precise sharpening process as you can focus on each blade individually. 

3. Sharpen the Blades 

Use a sharpening stone or file to sharpen the shears. Keep the original blade angle for the best cutting. Sharpen the entire blade evenly and take your time for a sharp edge, making the shears work better.

4. Apply Lubrication and Reassemble

After sharpening, it's important to put a little oil on the blades. This prevents rust and makes the shears work smoothly. Then, put the shears back together carefully. Test them by making a few cuts, and if needed, make more adjustments to get the sharpness you want.