8 of the Most Dangerous Plants in the World

1. Castor Bean Plant

It has beans with a toxin called ricin. Even a small amount can be deadly if eaten.

2. Belladonna 

The berries and parts of this plant contain harmful chemicals. Eating them can cause hallucinations and be fatal.

3. Oleander 

This pretty flowering shrub is toxic. Ingesting any part can lead to vomiting and heart problems.

4. Foxglove 

Despite its lovely flowers, foxglove contains substances that can cause heart failure if eaten.

5. Angel's Trumpet

This attractive plant contains chemicals that can lead to hallucinations and paralysis if ingested.

6. Hemlock 

It has a toxin called coniine that affects the nervous system. Even a small amount can be lethal.

7. Manchineel Tree 

Found in tropical areas, it has toxic sap and fruit. Touching it can cause skin irritation, and eating its fruit can be deadly.

8. Strychnine Tree 

The seeds of this tree contain harmful alkaloids. Eating them can cause convulsions and be fatal.