8 of the Most Dangerous Mammal in the World

By Manish Choudhary

1. Hippopotamus

In Africa, hippos are territorial and aggressive, causing more human deaths than any other mammal.

2. Lion

Lions, top predators, can attack if they feel threatened.

3. Elephant

Despite their gentle image, elephants can be dangerous due to their size and tusks.

4. Polar bear

In the Arctic, polar bears have powerful jaws and claws, with rare but deadly attacks on humans.

5. Tiger

Tigers may attack in areas with scarce prey.

6. Rhinoceros

Large herbivores with poor eyesight, rhinos can be aggressive, with dangerous horns.

7. Wild boar

While not usually aggressive, wild boars can be dangerous when cornered, with sharp tusks.

8. Chimpanzee

Our close relatives can be aggressive, causing rare but serious injuries to humans.