Top 7 Most Dangerous Animals in USA

By Manish Choudhary

1. Grizzly Bear 

Found in the western U.S., grizzly bears are big and can be dangerous if they feel threatened.

2. American Alligator

Lives in the southeast and can be dangerous if people get too close to their habitats.

3. Mountain Lion 

Also known as cougars, they're in the west and can be dangerous if cornered.

4. Rattlesnake 

Found in the southwest, these snakes are venomous, and their bites can be harmful.

5. Black Widow Spider 

Found all over, their bites can be painful, especially for some people.

6. Bull Shark

Lives along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, known for aggressiveness and occasional attacks on humans.

7. Yellow Jacket Wasps

Small but aggressive, their stings can be harmful, especially if you're allergic.