8 Loudest Animals In The World

By Manish Choudhary

1. Sperm Whale:

It can produce a sound of up to 233 decibels. 

2. Mantis Shrimp:

It produce a pop sound of up to 200 decibels when hunting for prey. 

3. Blue Whale:

It produce the sound of 180 decibels 

4. Howler Monkey:

It can create sound up to 140 decibels.

5. Greater Bulldog Bat:

It can produce a high-pitched screech sound with a frequency of 137 decibels.

6. Kakapo 

Kakapo is the largest parrot which can produce a call of 132 decibels.

7. Moluccan cockatoo 

It can produce a sound of up to 129 decibels.

8. Northern Elephant Seal 

It can reach a frequency of up to 126 decibels

These animals have evolved various ways to produce loud sounds for communication, mating, and survival in their respective environments.