8 of the Funniest Animal Names In The World 

By Manish Choudhary

1. Kakapo 

This rare parrot from New Zealand is in danger of disappearing. It's called the "night parrot" or "night owl" in Maori. 

2. Quokka 

The quokka, a tiny marsupial from Australia, is famous for being the "happiest animal on Earth" due to its cheerful and smiling expression. 

3. Dik-dik 

In Africa, there are cute, small antelopes named dik-diks. Their name comes from the sound of their unique alarm call, represented as "dik-dik." 

4. Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar 

The term "woolly bears" is commonly used for different types of fuzzy caterpillars, emphasizing their soft and fluffy look. 

5. Nudibranch 

These marine creatures are nicknamed "sea slugs in fancy dresses" for their bright and colorful looks. 

6. Wombat 

Wombats from Australia have an amusing name and are known for their cute, comical appearance.

7. Blobfish 

This deep-sea fish is known for its unique, somewhat squishy appearance. Its name perfectly fits its gelatinous look.

8. Leaf-tailed Gecko 

In Madagascar, there's a gecko with a name that suits its leaf-like tail, helping it blend in seamlessly.