7 Dumbest Animals in the World

Although pandas are cute, their diet is mostly bamboo, which isn't very nutritious. Their selective eating makes it hard for them to survive in the wild.

1. Panda Bear

Turkeys are known for their clumsy behavior, and their habit of looking up at the sky in rain has created the mistaken belief that they are not very smart.

2. Turkey

These creatures may seem clueless as they hop with their long legs, adding a touch of comedy.

3. Jerboa

Despite being the largest bird, ostriches are falsely believed to bury their heads in the sand when scared. This myth persists, affecting the perception of their intelligence.

4. Ostrich

Sloths are extremely slow, earning them a place on this list. Their unhurried pace and seemingly laid-back approach to life might make them seem less savvy compared to more agile animals.

5. Sloths

Koalas are often called "dumb" because of their laid-back nature and preference for low-energy eucalyptus leaves. Their slow metabolism adds to their lethargy.

6. Koala

The Kakapo, a flightless parrot from New Zealand, is considered less intelligent because it can't fly. Its friendly but naive nature also makes it vulnerable to predators.

7. Kakapo

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