10 of the Dumbest Animals in the World

By Manish Choudhary

1. Kakapo

Flightless parrot, great smell, remembers food spots. 

2. Pangolin 

Armored, rolls up when scared, poor eyesight. 

3. Star-Nosed Mole 

Small mole with 22 nose tentacles. 

4. Komodo Dragon 

Big lizard, venomous bite, slow digestion. 

5. Hoatzin 

Bird with wing claw, loud calls, smelly. 

6. Guinea Pig 

Social rodents, poor eyesight, need vitamin C. 

7. Sea Cucumber 

Slow, no brain, regenerates, ejects organs. 

8. Jellyfish 

Simple, no heart or brain, stings prey. 

9. Tapeworm 

Parasitic flatworm, no mouth, reproduces. 

10. Barnacle 

Ocean filter feeder, no eyes, attaches to surfaces.