Watch How Bird Sticks Beak Inside Woman’s Eye

By Manish Choudhary

Dec 08, 2023

A viral video has been circulating on the internet featuring a woman recording a video when a bird unexpectedly attacked her eye. The footage is quite unsettling, and you can view it in the attached image.

In the video, influencer Sarah Jade experiences an attack from a magpie. Upon reviewing the edited footage to uncover the incident's details, she is surprised by what the playback reveals.

In the image, we see how the bird’s beak actually goes inside her eye. Had she not caught this on video, she never would’ve known that this happened. 

The video highlights magpies' aggressive behavior, especially during breeding season, with some engaging in frequent swooping attacks. Only about 10% of magpies exhibit this behavior, often targeting perceived threats.

Magpies remember faces and may target individuals they've swooped at before. This selective behavior is part of their strategy to protect their young, making some people more likely to be attacked.

To minimize magpie attacks, avoid nesting areas in August to October. Wear sunglasses and hats if passing through, and avoid acting aggressively. Changing your route can also help.

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