9 of the Best Small Terrarium Pets

By Manish Choudhary

1. Ants 

Watch their busy lives in a tiny home. 

2. Isopods

Tiny crustaceans that clean up your terrarium. 

3. Springtails 

Small insects that keep the environment tidy. 

4. Moss and Snails

Create a mini ecosystem with these partners. 

5. Miniature Frogs 

Small frogs like Brazilian Horned or Poison Dart. 

6. Geckos

Compact species like Mediterranean House Gecko. 

7. Miniature Turtles

Small turtles, such as Musk Turtles.

8. Tiny Snakes

Small snakes like Kenyan Sand Boa or Rosy Boa. 

9. Spiders 

Tarantulas and small spiders for an intriguing terrarium.