8 of the Best Places to Go in 2024

By Manish Choudhary

1. Accra, Ghana:

Accra, Ghana, is the place to be for cultural vibes, pop-up dinners, and AfroFuture music. Exciting openings like Link-up Kitchen and Hilton Accra Cantonments await. 

2. Budapest, Hungary:

Budapest turns 150 with historic charm and new builds like House of Music Hungary. Check out W Budapest and Dorothea Hotel for a mix of old and new. 

3. The Cyclades, Greece:

Cyclades islands, including Mykonos and Santorini, steal the show. With fresh flights and hotels, it's the perfect Greek getaway with blue-and-white beauty. 

4. French Polynesia:

Tahiti hosts the 2024 Paris Olympics surf competition. French Polynesia focuses on sustainability, coral restoration, and revamped luxury resorts. 

5. Grenada:

Grenada shines with new flights, luxury resorts like Six Senses, and the lively Spicemas Carnival. It's a rising star in the Caribbean. 

6. Guatemala:

Guatemala invites with new cruises and cultural spots. Explore the Belize to Tikal route and vibrant arts in Antigua. 

7. Kimberley, Australia:

Kimberley in Australia opens up with cruises, cultural projects, and adventures. Dive into nature with the Pearling Master’s Trek. 

8. Kobe, Japan:

Kobe stands out with cool spaces like Vague Kobe and Officine Universelle Buly. Enjoy the city's design flair and the revamped Kobe Port Tower.