10 Best Low-Light Indoor Plants

By Manish Choudhary

1. Snake Plant 

Tough and adaptable, with upright leaves. 

2. ZZ Plant 

Hardy and low-maintenance, with glossy green leaves. 

3. Pothos 

Easy to care for, with trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves. 

4. Spider Plant 

Known for spider-like baby plantlets, thrives in low light. 

5. Peace Lily 

Elegant white blooms, good in low light but may flower less. 

6. Dracaena 

Various types, decorative and suitable for low light. 

7. Cast Iron Plant 

Resilient, dark green leaves, great for homes and offices. 

8. Philodendron 

Adaptable with heart-shaped leaves, perfect for low light. 

9. Chinese Evergreen 

Attractive, patterned leaves, resilient in low light. 

10. Calathea 

Vibrant, uniquely patterned leaves, some varieties good for low light.