8 Best Low-Light Indoor Plants That Thrive Even in Dark Rooms

By Manish Choudhary

1. Snake Plant

Hardy and needs little water, good for low light.

2. ZZ Plant 

Glossy, dark green leaves, thrives in low light, easy to care for.

3. Spider Plant 

Resilient, does well in indirect sunlight, has unique arching leaves.

4. Peace Lily

Blooms in low light, great air purifier, likes moist soil.

5. Pothos 

Versatile, comes in various colors, does well in low light.

6. Cast Iron Plant

Tough, withstands neglect, ideal for low-light spots.

7. Philodendron 

Low-maintenance, adapts to low light, comes in different shapes.

8. Dracaena 

Thrives in low light, has attractive upright foliage.