8 of the Best Cat Breeds that get Along with Dogs

By Manish Choudhary

1. Ragdoll 

Big, friendly cats that like to chill and play with other pets. 

2. Maine Coon 

Gentle giants that act like dogs, enjoy following you around, and can be trained on a leash! 

3. Abyssinian 

Energetic and social cats that are curious and get along with dogs. 

4. Norwegian Forest Cat 

Tough and easygoing cats that like to play with friendly dogs. 

5. American Shorthair 

Smart and easy-to-get-along-with cats that can live with dogs if introduced properly. 

6. Birman 

Cats with pointy fur, friendly nature, and love hanging out with furry friends.

7. Siberian Forest Cat 

Loving and playful cats that can live happily with dogs if raised together. 

8. Burmese 

Friendly cats that like people, play a lot, and can share their humans with other pets.