Beautiful Backyard Decor Ideas to Create an Outdoor Oasis

By Manish Choudhary

Nov 23, 2023

Discover 15 budget-friendly Backyard decor ideas! Build an outdoor counter with wood, transform an old bucket into a side table, and embrace a simple, cozy style. Get designer-approved tips for creating the perfect outdoor space on a budget. 

1. Set the Stage for Outdoor Entertaining

2. Mix and Match Dining Chair

3. Lean Into "Less is More"

4. Illuminate Your Space With Lantern

5. Make Room (in Your Budget) for a Fireplace

6. Arrange an Outdoor "Living Wall"

7. Set Up Poolside Seating

8. Create an Intimate Vibe With Furniture

9. Create an Outdoor Counter

10. DIY Raised Garden Bed

11. Opt for Comfortable Seating

12. Build a Pergola

13. Cozy Up in a Canopy Bed

14. Make It Romantic

15. Use Furniture to Break Up Space

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