10 Animals that have been to Space

By Manish Choudhary

Nov 21, 2023

The first living thing sent to space in 1947 was a simple fruit fly.

1. Fruit flies

Surprisingly, 32 monkeys and apes have been to space. The first one was Albert II, a rhesus macaque, who reached 134km in 1949.

2. Monkeys and apes

The very first mouse went into space in 1950, reaching an altitude of 137km.

3. Mice

Several Soviet dogs, including the famous Laika in 1957, were sent into space.

4. Dogs

Tortoises played a crucial role in the 1968 Space Race between the USA and the Soviet Union.

5. Tortoise

The most noteworthy frog mission occurred in 1970 when NASA sent the Orbiting Frog Olotith spacecraft (shown in the picture), carrying two bullfrogs.

6. Frogs

After the successful first manned mission to the moon in 1969, there was less focus on sending animals into space.

7. Spiders

In 1973, NASA sent the first aquanauts into space, which were mummichog minnows from salt marshes along with 50 eggs.

8. Fish

In 2007, tardigrades were the first animals to survive outer space.

9. Tardigrade

In 2003, the Columbia space shuttle broke apart during its re-entry into Earth's atmosphere, resulting in the tragic loss of seven astronauts on board.

10. Nematode