13 Angelfish for Freshwater Aquariums 

1. Albino Angelfish

Albino angelfish are known for being colorless with white or light hues and stand out with their red eyes.

2. Black Lace Angelfish

These angelfish typically have a dark body adorned with detailed lace-like patterns, usually in black or dark brown.

3. Black Veil Angelfish

Black veil angelfish are recognized for their impressive long fins and striking dark coloration.

4. Blushing Angelfish

The blushing angelfish shows a distinct blush or pinkish tint, especially around the gill area.

5. Clown Angelfish 

This kind has bright colors that stand out, like clownfish patterns, with lively orange and black markings.

6. Ghost Angelfish

Ghost angelfish look semi-transparent, giving them a ghostly and ethereal appearance.

7. Gold Angelfish 

As the name implies, these angelfish have a vivid gold color, bringing a lively and bright touch to the aquarium.

8. Leopard Angelfish 

These angelfish have a distinctive and eye-catching appearance with spots that resemble a leopard's pattern.

9. Koi Angelfish 

Modeled after koi fish, these angelfish showcase vibrant and diverse color patterns, akin to those seen in different koi varieties.

Add these captivating angelfish to your freshwater aquarium for a burst of colors and patterns. Ensure their well-being with proper care, suitable water conditions, and compatibility with other fish.