Agriculture Business Idea: Earn ₹50,000 with only 1 Bigha Land by Investing ₹10,000 in this High-Yield Medicinal Plant

Growing Gulkhaira, with its deep roots in traditional farming methods and fueled by high demand in the pharmaceutical industry, offers a highly lucrative and sustainable agricultural opportunity.

Growing Gulkhaira, also known as Gulkhaira farming, is not just profitable but also helps minimize losses. This medicinal plant is used in various medicines, offering a sustainable agricultural opportunity in contrast to limited prospects in other farming ventures.

Growing Gulkhaira is interesting because it can be planted alongside other crops without needing extra land. By combining Gulkhaira with regular crops, you can expect a good harvest, leading to better growth and more profits.

Gulkhaira is prized for its medicinal properties. Various parts of the plant, like flowers, leaves, stems, and seeds, fetch high prices in the market.

Reports suggest that one quintal of Gulkhaira can be sold for up to ₹10,000. It is estimated that a single bigha of land can yield around five quintals of Gulkhaira, potentially earning up to ₹50,000 per bigha.

Gulkhaira grows from November to May. Plant in November, harvest in April/May. Leaves and stems are used for medicines.

Pharmaceutical companies eagerly demand Gulkhaira. Dealers often set prices with farmers before harvest, showcasing its economic potential.