9 Animals That Look Like Leaves

By Manish Choudhary

1. Leaf-tailed Gecko

Found in Madagascar, these geckos look like flat leaves or tree bark.

2. Katydid 

Some types look like leaves with their leaf-shaped wings and bodies. 

3. Leaf Insect 

Also known as walking leaves, they resemble leaves to hide from predators. 

4. Dead Leaf Butterfly 

Found in Southeast Asia, these butterflies look like dead leaves when their wings are closed. 

5. Leaf-mimic Mantis 

Certain mantises mimic leaves with their shape and patterns. 

6. Leaf Fish 

South American fish with a body that looks like a dead leaf, helping it ambush prey. 

7. Leaf-nosed Snake 

In Madagascar, these snakes have leaf-like projections on their noses for camouflage. 

8. Leaf Beetle 

Some beetles resemble leaves to blend into plants and avoid predators.

9. Leaf Frogs 

Certain tree frogs, like the Amazonian leaf frog, have flattened bodies and leaf-like coloration for hiding in foliage.