8 Hand Signals to Teach Your Dog

Hold your hand with the palm up and raise it slightly. Verbally say "Sit" while performing the hand signal.

1. Sit

Extend your arm with the palm facing outward in a stop-like gesture. Firmly say "Stay" while using the corresponding hand signal.

2. Stay

Point your index finger down towards the ground. Use the verbal cue "Down" in conjunction with the hand signal.

3. Lie Down

Open your arms wide, bending your elbows, and bringing your hands towards your chest. Call your dog with a firm "Come" along with the hand signal.

4. Come

Raise your hand with the palm facing your dog and fingers extended. Firmly say "No" or "Stop" while using the corresponding hand signal.

5. No/Stop

Extend your hand with the palm up and gently tap the side of your leg. Use the cue "Shake" or "Paw" and wait for your dog to offer their paw.

6. Shake/Paw

Mimic holding an imaginary ball in your hand and throw it forward. Say "Fetch" or your chosen retrieval command.

7. Fetch

Raise your hand and encourage your dog to touch their paw to your hand. Use the phrase "High-Five" or any preferred cue.

8. High-Five

Consistency is really important to help your dog learn these signals. When you use treats or praise to reward your dog for doing well, it makes them more likely to understand and follow both your spoken words and the hand signals. Being patient is super important for creating a strong bond and good communication with your furry friend.