7 of the World’s Most Dangerous Festivals

By Manish Choudhary

Dec 01, 2023

In this festival called "Takanakuy," people gather to settle old conflicts by having fistfights. It's a way to resolve issues and begin the new year with a fresh start.

1. Peru: Christmas Fighting Festival

Chios festival: Two churches shoot homemade rockets, aiming for bell towers. Risky due to flying rockets.

2. Greece: Rouketopolemos (Rocket War)

In Castrillo de Murcia, El Colacho festival has babies on mattresses in the streets. Men dressed as devils jump over them to cleanse them of sin for a healthy life.

3. Spain: Baby-Jumping

Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling: People chase a cheese down a steep hill, often getting injured as they tumble and roll.

4. England: Cheese-Rolling

In Ivrea Carnival, there's a Battle of Oranges. People hurl oranges in a massive food fight. Wear protective gear—it gets intense.

5. Italy: Fruit Battle

In Pamplona's San Fermín, people run with released bulls in the streets. Injuries and criticism for danger and animal welfare concerns are common.

6. Spain: Running of the Bull

No "Extreme Log Ride" festival in Japan, but known for extreme sports. If you have details about a log-related event, I can provide more info.

7. Japan: Extreme Log Ride

These festivals showcase the diversity of cultural celebrations around the world, often involving unique and sometimes risky traditions.