6 Animals That Eat Their Mates

By Manish Choudhary

Dec 04, 2023

Female mantises are notorious for consuming their mates during or after copulation. This behavior is believed to provide the female with essential nutrients for egg development.

1. Praying Mantis

Female black widow spiders are known for their cannibalistic tendencies, especially after mating. The male, being significantly smaller, may become a post-coital meal for the larger female.

2. Black Widow Spider

While not all jumping spiders exhibit cannibalism, certain species do engage in it. The female may eat the male if she perceives him as a potential threat or if she is in need of additional nutrition.

3. Jumping Spider

Cannibalism has been observed in green anacondas, where larger individuals may consume smaller ones. While not specifically related to mating behavior, it highlights their opportunistic feeding habits.

4. Green Anaconda

Cannibalism is not uncommon among scorpions. In some species, males may become prey for females, particularly during mating. This behavior is not universal across all scorpion species.

5. Scorpion

Some species of octopuses, like the larger Pacific striped octopus, are known for cannibalistic behavior. Mating can be a risky venture for males, as they may be consumed by the female.

6. Octopus

Sometimes, animals eat each other because they're hungry, stressed, or lacking certain nutrients. It's important to know that not all animals of the same kind act this way, and it depends on things like where they live and what's happening around them.