Winter is tough for wildlife because it gets really cold, and there isn't much food around. Learn how you can help your local animals make it through this hard time.

Let your garden grow wild. Keep some plants for insect shelter. Animals need hiding spots in winter.

1. Let Your Garden Go Wild

In freezing temps, ponds freeze, making it hard for wildlife to get water. Break the ice often to help birds and animals. Be careful not to harm creatures below the ice.

2. Break the Ice

In winter, birds need food. Put feeders with different seeds in your garden. Helps them stay nourished in the cold.

3. Feed the Birds

Break ice, provide fresh water for wildlife. Birds need it to drink and bathe. Use bird baths, change water to prevent freezing.

4. Provide Fresh Water

Feed wildlife in your garden. Use fruits, nuts, or specific food. Helps animals in winter when food is scarce.

5. Attract Garden Visitors with Good Food

By doing these things, you make a better home for wildlife in winter, helping them survive and thrive in tough conditions.