5 of the Greatest JWST Discoveries

By Manish Choudhary

1. First Light of the Universe  

 JWST captured baby pictures of the universe, showing us galaxies just after the Big Bang, helping us learn how stars and galaxies formed.

2. Exoplanet Atmospheres

JWST looks at faraway planets and checks what they're made of. For example, it found water vapor on a planet called WASP-96b, helping us find places where life might exist.

3. Star Birthplaces

JWST looks inside areas where new stars are born. It shows us details like gas jets from young stars and dusty disks that could make planets.

4. Dark Matter Mystery

JWST helps us study dark matter, an invisible substance making up most of the universe. By looking at how it affects visible things, like galaxies, we learn more about it.

5. Ancient Galaxies

JWST lets us see galaxies from billions of years ago. This helps us understand how galaxies changed and became the different ones we see today.