12 Flowers to Beautify Your Landscape This Fall

These vibrant flowers come in various colors and are a classic choice for fall gardens.

1. Chrysanthemums (Mums)

With their daisy-like blooms, asters add a touch of elegance to fall landscapes. They come in shades of purple, pink, and white.

2. Asters

Also known as stonecrop, sedum features clusters of star-shaped flowers and succulent foliage, providing a unique texture to your garden.

3. Sedum

These cheerful flowers are available in a wide range of colors and can bloom well into the fall, adding a pop of color to your garden.

4. Pansies

Helenium produces daisy-like flowers in warm autumnal hues, making them a great choice for fall gardens.

5. Helenium (Sneezeweed)

With its bright yellow plumes, goldenrod adds a burst of color and attracts pollinators to your garden.

6. Goldenrod

These delicate flowers bloom in shades of pink and white, creating a graceful and airy appearance in the fall garden.

7. Japanese Anemone

Coneflowers are known for their distinctive spiky centers and come in various colors, including shades of purple, pink, and white.

8. Coneflowers

Dahlias come in a wide array of shapes and colors, and their bold blooms can add drama and flair to your fall garden.

9. Dahlias

This variety of sedum features large, flattened flower heads that transition from pink to rust, providing a long-lasting display.

10. Autumn Joy Sedum

With its arching stems and tubular flowers in shades of orange and red, crocosmia adds a touch of warmth to fall gardens.

11. Crocosmia

Known for its silvery foliage and spiky blue flowers, Russian sage is a hardy and aromatic addition to fall landscapes.

12. Russian Sage

Remember to consider your local climate and soil conditions when selecting flowers for your landscape, and enjoy the vibrant colors and textures that these fall blooms bring to your garden.