10 Most Beautiful Flowering Shrubs to Plant in Your Garden

By Manish Choudhary

1. Rose

Classic and fragrant, available in various colors. 

2. Hydrangea 

Large, showy clusters, color depends on soil pH. 

3. Lilac 

Fragrant clusters in purple, pink, and white. 

4. Azalea 

Vibrant spring blooms in various colors. 

5. Forsythia 

Early bloomer with bright yellow flowers. 

6. Butterfly Bush 

Attracts butterflies with cone-shaped clusters. 

7. Weigela 

Tubular-shaped flowers on arching branches.

8. Rhododendron 

Evergreen with large, showy flowers. 

9. Camellia 

Glossy leaves, elegant flowers in white, pink, or red. 

10. Mock Orange 

Fragrant, white, orange-blossom-like flowers.