10 Deadly Animals that Fit in a Breadbox

By Manish Choudhary

1. Blue-ringed octopus 

Small but has deadly toxins. 

2. Inland taipan 

Tiny yet the most venomous snake. 

3. Stonefish 

Looks like a rock, but its venom is dangerous. 

4. Box jellyfish 

Small, but its sting can be lethal. 

5. Cone snail 

Small shell, but carries deadly venom. 

6. Deathstalker scorpion 

Small, but its venom is potent. 

7. Poison dart frog 

Colorful but toxic. 

8. Mosquito 

Not deadly individually, but can transmit deadly diseases. 

9. Bullet ant  

Large ant with an extremely painful sting. 

10. Caterpillar of the Lonomia moth 

Small, but its hairs carry venom causing serious issues.