10 Animals That Eat Plants

By Manish Choudhary

Nov 20, 2023

Cows are herbivorous animals that graze on grass and other vegetation. 

1. Cow

Goats are known for their herbivorous diet, consuming a variety of plants, shrubs, and grasses. 

2. Goat

Deer are herbivores that feed on leaves, grass, and various plants found in their natural habitats. 

3. Deer

Horses are herbivores that primarily eat grass and hay as part of their diet.

4. Horse

Gorillas are primarily herbivorous and consume a variety of plants, fruits, and leaves. 

5. Gorilla

Zebras are herbivores that graze on grass and occasionally eat leaves and shrubs. 

6. Zebra

Pandas are known for their bamboo-centric diet, but they also eat other plants, fruits, and occasionally small animals. 

7. Panda

Elephants are herbivores that consume a wide range of plants, including grasses, leaves, and fruits. 

8. Elephant

Kangaroos are herbivorous marsupials that mainly feed on grass and vegetation. 

9. Kangaroo

Koalas are herbivores that have a specialized diet consisting mainly of eucalyptus leaves. 

10. Koala Bear

These animals showcase the diverse ways in which herbivores adapt to different environments and ecosystems by consuming plant-based diets.